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Our Mission
LICF exists to transform lives with God’s love, the teaching of His Word,
and the power of Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

Challenging Teachings
We believe that practical, relevant, Biblical teaching is the catalyst for transformation in individuals’ lives. Scripture is inspired by God, completely accurate and our authority regarding Christian beliefs and the guide for Christian living. On Sunday mornings we use the approach of sermon series which allow us to go deeper into God's Word, use our God given creativity, and they help church members to better invite others to church.

Serving Others
We look for God’s love in our lives as the evidence that we have been born again. We believe that as followers of Christ we are called to bless others as God has blessed us.
Contemporary Worship
Our worship strives to bridge the gap between the physical realm and the spiritual, by singing songs that are filled with the Truth and Power of Jesus Christ. We believe that worship is an integral part of a believer's life, and as such, plays a primary role in our church services. We believe that our corporate worship is twofold:
1) To show reverence and adoration to our Almighty God.
2) To declare the truth and promises of the Word of God over our lives and circumstances.
We also believe that worship should be a lifestyle, and we seek to challenge and encourage believers to live the commands of Jesus - to love God and to love people.

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